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Anne-Marie van het Erve


Inconnect is a strategic consultancy agency in the field of risk- and crisis communications and crisismanagement. The agency consists of an experienced consultant/trainer: Anne-Marie van het Erve. Not only do I have experience with crises at the national government and operational services, I also have theoretical knowledge and expertise. 

Inconnect trained, exercised and advised ministers, ministerial policy- and crisis management teams, mayors, NATO, police, safety regions and hospitals.



International projects


Inconnect participated and is participating in: 


TARGET – EU Horizon2020 project (2015-2018) that will develop, trial and assess a comprehensive open distributed Pan-European Platform for serious gaming, leveraging state-of-the-art decision support tools. These tools are developed for the training and competence assessment of Security Critical Agents (SCA) including counterterrorism units, border guards and first responders (police, firefighters, ambulance services, civil security agencies or critical infrastructure operators).  



CATO - EU FP7 project (2012-2014) – CBRN crisis management, Architecture, Technologies and Operational procedures. CATO proposes a comprehensive holistic answer centred on an integrated CBRN toolbox. To achieve this objective, the CATO consortium has pulled together stakeholders, technology providers and scientific experts. Inconnect contributed to the development of crisis communication guidelines in CBRN crises. Inconnect's task was to do execute a field study and to participate on making guidelines for crisis communication. The publication about this subject is called "Behaviour and Communication in CBRN crisis” and can be ordered at 



PEP – EU FP7 project (2012-2014) - Public Empowerment Policies for Crisis Management (PEP, 2012–2014) identifies best practices in a community approach to crisis resilience, and gives directions for future research and implementation, including the use of social media and mobile services. Inconnect developed a guide for best practices in public empowerment. See more at